Our Process

Stripping Harrison 2.jpg

1. Stripping

A. Inspection

B. Prep for Strip

C. Stripping

Surface Prep Corsair 5-1.JPG

2. Surface Prep

A. Unmask

B. Surface Prep

- Wings

- Fuselage

- Landing Gear

- Parts

- Controls

C. Bodywork

D. Wash

Primer P-51 2.JPG

3. Primer

A. Pre-assembly / Disassembly

B. Hang and Jig

C. Mask and Tack

D. Spray Zinc Chromate Primer

E. Spray High Build Primer

Base Color Spray Rocket 2.JPG

4. Base Color

A. Prep for Base

B. Assembly

C. Caulking

D. Mask and Tack

E. Detail Touch-up


5. Graphics

A. Graphics Development

B. Stencil Development

C. Sample Board / Color Sample

D. Graphic Layout

E. Graphic Prep

F. Spray Graphics Color

G. Airbrush

H. Unmask

I. Spray Clear

Detail _ Touchup T-6 1.JPG

6. Delivery

A. Reassembly and Balance

B. Detail and Touch-Up

C. Final Inspection

D. Final Finish

Wetsand & Buff Harrison 1-1.JPG

7. Extra Services

A. Pro-Seal

B. Wetsand & Buff

C. Interior

D. Fiberglass Repairs

E. Sheet Metal Repairs

F. Install Windows

G. Re-Condition De-Icing Boots

H. Replace Raydome / PPF Film