Surface Prep Technician

The Surface Prep Technician is responsible for the successful preparation of all surfaces on each aircraft. They must be capable of tasks such as, but not limited to masking and taping protected areas, applying paint stripper, scraping paint stripper, using DA sanders, and sanding by hand. They will also be required to help clean up around the shop and help in other areas on an as needed basis.

The Surface Prep Technician must be capable of completing and knowledgeable in many of the other required tasks for each project, including, but not limited to:

• Application and use of paint stripper

• Various forms of abrasion, with and without abrasive tools

• Wash and etch aircraft

• Surface preparation for top coat(s)

• Masking aircraft

• Wet Sand and Buff

• Detailing aircraft

This person must be ready and willing to learn as they will continually be taught new skills and steps. Some of these new skills may include, but are not limited to:

• Application and preparation of body filler and fiberglass to applicable, damaged areas

• Application of primer

• Layout of aircraft design

• Wet Sand and Buff

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